The missing congregation.


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They have been walking away for years, a few at a time from every church. Nobody pays much attention but over the years their numbers have added up. Many of our ‘pious’ Christian leaders have simply dismissed these missing congregants as rebellious sinners who have gone astray and to be sure some of them are. But many are wounded Christians who have been abused and neglected. They have been ‘food’ for the predators and they have been betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be watching over them. I was reading through Ezekiel 34 recently, I couldn’t help but notice many similarities between the ‘Shepherds’ of Israel and the ‘Christian’  leaders of today. The shepherds had spoiled the flock and abandoned them to be prey for other predators as well. Our towns, cities and countryside are full of those who have walked away in pain and confusion at what has…

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Serving from a Broken Bottle

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We romanticize church, communion, and all things ‘Christian’ as hinging on a holiness born of perfection,
But it is the unrefined love of the Broken Christ, poured in messy spills, like wine from a broken bottle,
Flowing into and through broken vessels, and splashing reckless love into the world around
That ultimately spreads His grace to the world around.

wine_broken 2


Christianity is a messy encounter between sinful humanity and Divine Love.


There is this thought that troubles me, and one that has tumbled around in my mind, for years in a way that can’t be ignored…  Like the annoying sound of mindless, repetitious tapping that carries on until someone bursts out an exasperated ‘stop it!’ … or the faucet dripping water until you are forced to abandon what you’re doing and get up to tighten it…

My  first awareness that some people are ‘different’ came when I was about four or five years old. A girl…

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25 likes on facebook..changed everything…

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On August 8, 2014..I posted a video on my personal facebook page to share with the “world” that I had been sexually abused as a child.
The moment after I clicked “post”, I felt on top of the world! I had conquered my BIGGEST Fear!

Or so..I thought.

As the days went by, the euphoria lessened and I realized that my post made others uncomfortable. The small number of likes and comments crushed me and made the ugly root of rejection, fear and depression come to the surface of my heart.

As much as I told myself that I was doing my part for humanity by bringing “Awareness”. I desperately wanted everyone to SEE that “I” was a victim of sexual abuse and rape.

I thought I didnt want to be looked at differently. But actually, yes, I DO.

I want YOU to read my post…

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When Sex Offenders Confess to Clergy: Three Mistaken Beliefs

When Sex Offenders Confess to Clergy: Three Mistaken Beliefs.

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Can you hear the children screaming???

Can you hear the children screaming???.

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Wising Up to the Abuser’s “Christian” Facade

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2Th 3:1-2  Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you, and that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men. For not all have faith.

Wicked and evil men. We need to be delivered from them. But who are they? What do they look like? Who did Paul have in mind here?

He was thinking of wicked and evil people who claim to be Christians.

Today (Sunday) just before the worship service, I was talking with our elders and we were recounting some of the many battles we have had over the years with wicked and evil men (and women) who crept in among the flock of Christ, wearing a disguise of wool. Their evil deeds opposed the ministry of Christ in many devious ways. That is what Paul speaks of here – pray that…

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Thursday Thought

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Another gem from the GEMS page…

Forgiveness means turning over to God any supposed right for making the perpetrator pay for his crime or other wrongdoing, releasing us from anger and a vengeful spirit.  It does not require trust or the reestablishment of a relationship, which are separate issues.  Neither does it absolve a perpetrator from having to face the criminal justice system and paying a civil penalty. [from a reader of our ACFJ Facebook page]

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