Respecting & Listening to Victims of Violence — a handbook from Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

A Cry For Justice

Do you want to be able to support victims of family violence? This excellent handbook will show you how — and it’s also a worthwhile read for victim-survivors.

Respecting & Listening to Victims of Violence explains how to talk with victims in respectful ways — ways that will really help women who are being abused by their partners.  NB: the word violence in the title does not mean it’s only restricted to physical violence. The authors of the handbook are using the term in the way many DV professionals use it, to cover all the various tactics of coercive control that domestic abusers can use — emotional, verbal, financial, social, sexual, physical, spiritual and legal abuse.

The role that supportive people can play in helping victims of domestic violence is huge.  HUGE. Studies have shown that positive social responses help victims recover faster, gain trust in asking for help, reduce self-blame…

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About Dale Ingraham @ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries

We started Speaking truth in love Ministries to address the issue of sexual abuse within the faith community. My wife, Faith, is a survivor of many years of abuse by her father who was a pastor at the time. We go into churches, colleges and conferences to speak about this issue.
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