Thursday Thought — The Deception of Twisting Things into Their Opposites

A Cry For Justice

The abusive man, at home or in his church, rewrites facts and history to suit his own purposes. At Corinth, the false apostles made themselves out to be “truth-tellers” and convinced the Corinthians to disbelieve Paul, a true Apostle. They took Paul’s delay in coming and twisted it into a supposed example of the untrustworthiness of his word. They took Paul’ s genuine humility (working to support himself, for example) and twisted it into a sign of inferiority.

The abusive man re-writes truth to his benefit, and then he believes it. He tells these perversions of fact with all sincerity. Listen to Bancroft:  

“The abuser’ s highly entitled perceptual system causes him to mentally reverse aggression and self- defense. When his victim attempts to defend herself against the abuser’ s attack, he defines her actions as violence toward him. When he then injures her further, he claimed he was…

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About Dale Ingraham @ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries

We started Speaking truth in love Ministries to address the issue of sexual abuse within the faith community. My wife, Faith, is a survivor of many years of abuse by her father who was a pastor at the time. We go into churches, colleges and conferences to speak about this issue.
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