Thursday Thought — When You Are Ready To Try Again: Going Back to Church

A Cry For Justice

Jeff VanVonderen has a good article about red flags to identify an abusive church, and what to look for when looking for a safe church.  In the article, titled “When You Are Ready To Try Again: Going Back to Church,”  he discusses seven characteristics of a hurtful church:

  1. Power-posturing
  2. Performance Preoccupation
  3. Unspoken Rules
  4. Lack of Balance
  5. Spiritual Paranoia
  6. Misplaced Loyalty
  7. Secretiveness

In contrast he discusses seven characteristics of grace-full, healthy churches that are the opposite of those described in the preceding list:

  1. Authority and power are used to serve, equip, and empower others
  2. Believers are fighting the ‘good fight of faith’
  3. Rules are spoken about out loud, and they are biblical
  4. There is deference to the true Head of the Church, his agenda, and his methods
  5. Our safety is in Christ, and so diversity is welcomed
  6. Loyalty to Christ and his kingdom takes precedence
  7. Honesty and openness are present


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About Dale Ingraham @ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries

We started Speaking truth in love Ministries to address the issue of sexual abuse within the faith community. My wife, Faith, is a survivor of many years of abuse by her father who was a pastor at the time. We go into churches, colleges and conferences to speak about this issue.
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