What Does it Feel Like to Not be Believed?

Those who protect rapists and molesters, often site the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ statute as a reason to believe the offender, until they are proven guilty. But that is a statute for the courts. When we as Christians take that approach to sexual abusers then we in affect are saying to the victims that we believe they are liers until their offender is found guilty in court. Even then many so called don’t believe the victim.

A Cry For Justice

One of the most important things we can do to help victims of abuse is believe them when they tell us what is going on behind the scenes. If you have been following this blog for a while, you have probably seen that we have been attacked by some pretty nasty types who accuse us of believing reports of abuse “no matter what,” and most of them are tee’d off because they are still stuck in the world of “those cursed anti-God feminists run things and no one ever believes the man.” We who are in the know about the mentality and nature of abuse understand that just the opposite is true — with some exceptions. Namely, that the typical scenario is that it is the abuser (who is most typically a man) is the one who is being believed, not the victim.

But we stand by this principle. The best…

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About Dale Ingraham @ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries

We started Speaking truth in love Ministries to address the issue of sexual abuse within the faith community. My wife, Faith, is a survivor of many years of abuse by her father who was a pastor at the time. We go into churches, colleges and conferences to speak about this issue.
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