Churches are sinfully honouring reprobates—Eli and his reprobate sons. The unpardonable sin.

A Cry For Justice

What is a “reprobate”? Esau was a reprobate. Pharaoh was a reprobate. Eli’s sons, Hophni and Phineas, were reprobates. Scripture tells us that there are indeed people who are beyond God’s mercy, for whom it is in fact too late, for whom repentance is now impossible. Let us consider how they ever got to such a point and why their sealed condition serves as a sobering warning to all who are continuing to reject Christ.

We can find numerous examples of anemic, erroneous theology in people who claim to be teachers in Christ’s church. It is a repeated refrain – “No one is beyond God’s mercy. It is never too late for anyone.” These kinds of falsehoods are frequently presented to us when some person who has claimed to be a pious, model “saint” is found out to be what they really are – a wicked, evil, deceiver guilty of the most…

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What is the Real Cost of Child Safety?

Together We Heal

“This world is dangerous not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.”

Albert Einstein

Mr. Einstein was of course talking about people, both within Germany and around the world, who knew of the atrocities being committed by the Nazi’s, but were saying and doing nothing.

Tragically, this can too easily be applied to childhood sexual abuse within the Church.

Of all the places children SHOULD feel most protected, we would think a place of worship and faith would be one. Instead, children can be just as likely to find sexual predators with a culture that protects the offenders and blames the victims.

CSA survivor awareness month

With that in mind, let me ask some questions:

How much money would you spend to keep your children safe?

How much time is enough to learn what is necessary about abuse and those who would harm children?

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Child Safeguarding Policy for Churches and Ministries

Together We Heal

September is Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor Awareness Month. So it’s appropriate that I tell you about a recently published book I believe is a must-read. Anyone who has read this blog knows I am not a pitch-man for any product, but when we come across a great resource we let know about it. This book is one we consider essential.

The book is titled, Child Safeguarding Policy Guide for Churches and Ministries, and it was written by Basyle Tchividjian and Shira Berkovits. I tell you the authors names because I know one of them personally and have worked with him professionally. The importance of that information is so you will know what I know; that he is dedicated to protecting children and helping those who have been harmed by sexual predators.

If you are person of faith, have a position of responsibility within your local church or have a…

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The woman at the well—was she unprincipled, wanton, lustful and promiscuous?

A Cry For Justice

This imaginary monologue presents an alternative view of the life of the woman at the before she met Jesus: The Woman at the Well: A Monologue.  It pictures the Samaritan woman’s encounter with the Jesus at the well with more compassion and empathy than you will hear in in most sermons and teachings on John chapter 4.


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Kentucky Officials Site Drug Use For Increase

Source: Kentucky Officials Site Drug Use For Increase

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Father, Mother Charged With Felony Child Abuse

Source: Father, Mother Charged With Felony Child Abuse

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Another abuser-enabling, victim-enslaving book: Jim Newheiser’s  “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage”

A Cry For Justice

Pastor Jim Newheiser has simply rehashed the same old enslaving party lines about marriage that evangelicals have been regurgitating like a cow chewing its cud. If I had a way of putting a visual here of me shaking my head while muttering to myself, I would. Because that is what I am doing as I glance through Jim Newheiser’s new book Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: Critical Questions and Answers, Presbyterian and Reformed, 2017. I am not trying to attack Newheiser in this post, but I am not going to pull any punches. And I will be accused of being “unchristian and harsh.” So be it.

I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe: “Jim, when are you going to open your eyes?”

This book is same old same old. There is NOTHING new in this book. Nothing. The usual suspects laud the book of course – Martha Peace, Tedd Tripp…

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