Jessica Fore (Abuse Survivor) Charged by her PCA Church with Contempt – She is Telling the World

A Cry For Justice

Our friend Jessica Fore has been formally charged by her church elders (Presbyterian Church in America) with contempt for refusing to comply with their orders that she, essentially, just be quiet about her cries for justice. The following is Jessica’s own story which she released today on her blog jessicafore and also shared here on her facebook page.

I might get excommunicated for this.

I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I just got formally indicted by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) for not cooperating with various instructions about speaking out regarding my experience of injustice surrounding abuse in the church.  Indictment is the first step in a disciplinary process that can lead to excommunication, and it’s meant to be employed only when someone is committing heinous sin.  My crime?  Holding this sign, among other things:


Below is the indictment issued by Faith Presbyterian Church in Watkinsville, Georgia (with…

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Why Did Jesus Warn Us About Balaam? (part 2)

A Cry For Justice

In part 1, we looked at the error of Balaam — which appears to be willingness to do wrong for financial gain. Now let’s look at the doctrine of Balaam

As you remember from part 1, King Balak of Moab sends messengers to Balaam offering money if he will just come and curse Israel. God tells Balaam not to do it, so Balaam says No to the messengers. Then King Balak send higher rank guys with a bigger bribe. Balaam is tempted, so he asks God for a second opinion. God tells him to go with the messengers “but do only what I tell you to do.”

And while Balaam is making the journey, God sends his angel to bar the way so that Balaam will realise that God isn’t pleased with his attitude and is ‘on his case.’ The angel reiterates God’s instructions: “Go with these men, but say only what I tell you to say.

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Peer Pressure Among Pastors Tends toward Silence About Abuse

A Cry For Justice

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him.” (John 3:1-2)

Nicodemus would, as you know, eventually embrace Christ as the Son of God. He came to Jesus “by night” in this now famous account in which the Lord told him, “you must be born again.” The Apostle John uses light and darkness frequently as images of Christ’s kingdom in contrast to the darkness of the kingdom of this world. But here we want to consider just why it was that Nicodemus sought Jesus out at night.

Darkness hates the light. The religious power brokers of the day hated Christ. He was a threat to their privilege base…

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The “root of bitterness” in Hebrews — it isn’t unforgiveness – by Rebecca Davis

This is a great article.

A Cry For Justice

The following excellent article was written by our friend Rebecca Davis. She originally published it on her blog at Here’s the Joy but it was then moved to BJU Grace.

To maximize the exposure of the article with Rebecca’s permission we are also posting it here for you. Here is a perfect example of how Scripture is horribly mishandled to the harm of the oppressed and to the enablement of the wicked. Many, many thanks to Rebecca for cutting the Word of God straight and showing its wonderful, powerful truth here.



Hebrews 12:15 is one of the most often preached-on passages of Scripture to tell victims and survivors of abuse that their primary—and perhaps only—problem is unforgiveness. Here it is:

See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God;

that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble,

and by it many become defiled;


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A Real and Sadly Typical Story of False Repentance and Pastors Enabling the Wicked

A Cry For Justice

One of our readers left this very insightful comment, telling her story of being faced with false repentance and pressure from a church to accept it and reconcile with her abuser. We wanted to make it a stand-alone post so more of you would be sure to see it. So here it is. Thank you MUCH, Maxgrace —

The first time I left my husband my baby was about two months old. He found me. He actually had someone call the number where I was staying to say that he was having a heart attack and that I needed to go to him because it was very serious. I had heard that line before so I didn’t bite.

He had a pastor call me at work and tell me that I was harming my husband by my unwillingness to reconcile because he was ready to hang himself. This was on…

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Predators look for the blind, the lame and the already wounded

A Cry For Justice

I (Jeff Crippen) have been watching some instructional youtube videos on how to best use artificial plastic baits for fishing — getting them put on the hook correctly and so on. I also know from experience that to properly rig up a herring to troll for salmon you want to be sure it rolls in the water as you pull it along.

The reason you want the correct action on your bait is because it needs to mimic a wounded fish, minnow, or other critter. This is because predatory fish watch for the weak or injured and go for them. Sometimes they do it even if they are not particularly hungry. It’s just because they are predators.

And this got me to thinking.

Abusers are predators. They go for the easiest targets quite often: the blind, the lame or the already-wounded. Pedophiles, for example, have honed their radar to spot…

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The Scattering of the Lord’s Sheep by False Shepherds

A Cry For Justice

When the visible church becomes corrupt and dominated by evil men, the righteous are scattered. The blind man healed by Jesus in John chapter nine was put out of the temple by the religious authorities — though he found the true Temple (Jesus) outside. Christ’s true people were persecuted by Rome in the centuries leading up to the Reformation and scores of true pastors were expelled from their pulpits in the days of the Puritans in England. This is no new thing and it is still happening today.

Many, if not most, of our readers here at ACFJ are survivors of abuse. Many of them have been members of a local church, only to be further abused by their church when they exposed the evil of the abuse they were suffering. The result? They are scattered. Some have been formally ex-communicated while others were put out through more “informal” methods…

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