One of the Worst Letters We Have Seen From a Pastor to an Abuse Victim

A Cry For Justice

I think this is one of the most cruel letters from a pastor to an abuse victim that I have seen. While it is very similar in ways to others I have read, it is remarkably deceptive in a number of ways. The “love” words it uses. The selective and dishonest quotes it lays on her. And the not so veiled threat of “obey us or else.” Names have been removed and replaced with [wife] and [husband] for the protection of the victim. She has given us full permission to publish it. Her abuser used emotional, spiritual, sexual, and economic oppression against her over a period of many years.  Keep that in mind when you read what this “pastor” and his elders say to her here.  Many, many thanks to her from all of us.

Oh, and this is not some isolated, independent pastor and church. This is a mainline, conservative…

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Judging Eyes

Source: Judging Eyes

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What Does the Devil Look Like? Getting Wise to the Abuser’s Victim-Playing Schemes

A Cry For Justice

One of the most frequent tactics used by the worst abuser I have ever had to deal with was that of playing the victim. And it was more than that. He would put on a facial expression that had successfully “worked” for him all his life, gaining him people’s sympathy. At other times he would behave almost as if he was having a breakdown of some kind, leading observers to believe he must be under terrible and undeserved stress as a result of being horribly wronged. If he did suffer some pain in life, you can be sure that he would capitalize on it to maximum advantage.

This man’s chief skill in other words, as he constantly labored to gain allies against his targeted victim, was doing or saying anything that would gain him pity. This is what a sociopath craves. Pity. Because when he is pitied, he has…

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Christian Today needs to learn how to report about domestic abuse. San Bernardino killer Cedric Anderson was NOT a ‘deeply religious’ pastor.

A Cry For Justice

According to Christian Today, the San Bernardino killer Cedric Anderson was a ‘deeply religious’ pastor. This article by Mark Woods is a classic example of really bad reporting of domestic violence by journalists. Mark Woods is Managing Editor of Christian Today and a Baptist Minister.

Here is the full text of the article.

San Bernardino killer Cedric Anderson was ‘deeply religious’ pastor

Cedric Anderson, who shot and killed his estranged wife Karen Smith and an eight-year-old pupil at the San Bernardino school where she worked, was a pastor who often posted about his Christian faith on Facebook. [That link takes you to Cedric Anderson’s FB page]

Anderson, 53 and a navy veteran, turned the gun on himself after killing his wife and Jonathan Martinez, 8. He also shot a nine-year-old student who is expected to recover. He had signed in at the school’s office and opened fire in the…

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We are honoured to partner with Kenny and Irma Kuhns for the first time, and especially thankful for the long-term support and friendship of Dale and Faith Ingraham. We look forward to what God will do. It’s going to be good!

via A Conference for Sex Abuse Victims With The Anabaptist, the Baptist, and Me — Trudy Metzger’s Blog

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The Abuser’s Goal – A Master/Slave Relationship

A Cry For Justice

But just as at that time he who was born according to the flesh persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, so also it is now. But what does the Scripture say? “Cast out the slave woman and her son, for the son of the slave woman shall not inherit with the son of the free woman.” So, brothers, we are not children of the slave but of the free woman. (Galatians 4:29-31)

The fundamental goal of the abuser is to possess power and control over his targeted victim. This is a fundamental truth regarding evil. Like the devil, like the wicked person who demands to have his evil way always lusts for power and control. “I will be like the Most High.”

Now, the abuse we most often deal with here is domestic abuse. Abuse in marriage, and most commonly in the cases that come to us…

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Child Abuse In Texas

Source: Child Abuse In Texas

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