Time To Listen: How the visible church can address domestic abuse. An event held in Sydney.

A Cry For Justice

Time to Listen was an evening event held in North Sydney on Sept 6, 2017. Videos of it are now available. Hooray!

Part 1  – Julia Baird, ABC journalist, and Graeme Anderson, Senior Ps of Northside Baptist Church, Crows Nest NSW, talk about the public attention given to domestic abuse in the church in the last few years in Australia.
Part 2 – Julia Baird leads a panel discussion of what is being done and what people can do next. Panel: Erica Hamence, Bruce Chan, Michael Jensen and Liz Mackinlay.

Eternity News did a writeup of the Time To Listen event: Churches ‘should unite’ to fight domestic abuse. The rest of this post is excerpts from the Eternity article, with links added by me. (However, I encourage you to also read the whole Eternity article.)

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Domestic violence specialist with BaptistCare, Bruce Chan, has called on…

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Well-crafted damage control or Repentance?

via Well-crafted damage control or Repentance?

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Former Florida Megachurch Pastor Bob Coy Allegedly Sexually Abused 4-yr-old Child

via Former Florida Megachurch Pastor Bob Coy Allegedly Sexually Abused 4-yr-old Child

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Paige Patterson has never renounced or apologized for his disgusting advice to abused women

A Cry For Justice

Listen to Paige Patterson discuss the proper way to deal with domestic abuse. This five minute audio clip is from a conference in 2000 where Paige Patterson explained the counsel he gives to battered women. Patterson is a real big shot in the Southern Baptist Convention. Over the years, this terrible advice by Patterson has been repeatedly denounced by victim advocates. But Patterson never renounces let alone apologizes.


He never allows divorce for abuse. He allows separation only for ‘the most serious cases of physical violence’. He tells women to not forget the power of prayer. He advises the wife to kneel beside the bed when her husband is falling asleep and pray to God to intervene. This would be dangerous for the woman to do! 

He then gives an anecdote (did he make it up?) about a woman who followed his advice and prayed by her husband’s bedside…

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LaHood Says Enhanced Is Status Quo

Source: LaHood Says Enhanced Is Status Quo

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A Woman of Conviction, Courage & Comfort – Barbara Blaine

Together We Heal

As I once read somewhere,

A religious upbringing can bring comfort.
It can also turn a child’s life into a living hell.

Barbara Blaine understood this as much as any of us who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of the church while we were children.

I learned of the passing of Barbara Blaine, as I am sure many of you did, with the message from her family. But it has taken me a few days to be able to talk about her and the impact she had. I believe I can best express my gratitude for Barbara by using an example of one of our normal interactions.

A typical phone call from Barbara would go something like this, “Dave, can you meet me in Tampa Saturday for a press conference in front of the Diocese there? We just learned of a priest who had…”

This call would of course…

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San Antonio Texas Cares For All Children

Source: San Antonio Texas Cares For All Children

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