Thursday Thought — When You Are Ready To Try Again: Going Back to Church

A Cry For Justice

Jeff VanVonderen has a good article about red flags to identify an abusive church, and what to look for when looking for a safe church.  In the article, titled “When You Are Ready To Try Again: Going Back to Church,”  he discusses seven characteristics of a hurtful church:

  1. Power-posturing
  2. Performance Preoccupation
  3. Unspoken Rules
  4. Lack of Balance
  5. Spiritual Paranoia
  6. Misplaced Loyalty
  7. Secretiveness

In contrast he discusses seven characteristics of grace-full, healthy churches that are the opposite of those described in the preceding list:

  1. Authority and power are used to serve, equip, and empower others
  2. Believers are fighting the ‘good fight of faith’
  3. Rules are spoken about out loud, and they are biblical
  4. There is deference to the true Head of the Church, his agenda, and his methods
  5. Our safety is in Christ, and so diversity is welcomed
  6. Loyalty to Christ and his kingdom takes precedence
  7. Honesty and openness are present


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For Victims of Donn Ketcham

Child Abuse by Missionary Doctor

ANNOUNCEMENT | It’s important that victims of Donn Ketcham know that ABWE is currently in the process of communicating with victims.

ABWE has hired a female psychologist as mediator (to answer questions and communicate on ABWE’s behalf) at this time, if victims do not desire direct contact with ABWE. As we did not have permission from the psychologist or ABWE to give out her contact information publicly, you can receive it by…

  • Asking us at We will give you the contact info for the psychologist, no questions asked. (Use an anonymous email account or have a close friend use theirs if anonymity is a priority for you.)
  • OR contact ABWE headquarters directly. They ought to be willing to do the same.

Choosing whether or not to have contact with ABWE is up to every individual victim, but every victim has the right to know this is happening and how to get the same…

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Easier Access to Pii Report Now Available

NEW TODAY | ABWE has made access to the report difficult for those who want to print it, download it or share it with others. But we have a solution for you. Pii has made it available on their webs…

Source: Easier Access to Pii Report Now Available

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Jeff Crippen, Keynote Speaker at Overcoming Powerlessness Luncheon, May 14, 2016

A Cry For Justice

This event is just around the corner!  

Deadline to reserve a seat is Tuesday, May 10th
Event is Saturday, May 14, 2016, in York, Pennsylvania

2016 OCP Flying Free Card 2-UP FIN 2 (1)

Jeff Crippen spoke at the 2015 Overcoming Powerlessness conference. They have asked him to come back.  Here is a post about his 2015 presentation:  An Introduction to Evil:  Message Delivered At York, PA.

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Finding a Voice for Everyone in 2016

Broken Until Spoken

According to the research the number one effective means good health is to share your story. Tell your story. Talk. Talk. Talk. Write. Write. Write. Doesn’t matter if it is through art, music, poet…

Source: Finding a Voice for Everyone in 2015

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Pride as Fuel for Abuse in the Church

A Cry For Justice

It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans, for a man has his father’s wife. And you are arrogant! Ought you not rather to mourn? Let him who has done this be removed from among you. For though absent in body, I am present in spirit; and as if present, I have already pronounced judgment on the one who did such a thing. (1Cor 5:1-3)

I was blown away the other day. Seems like this happens pretty regularly to me as I receive reports of gross, open, rank evil being not only tolerated but virtually invited into local churches. The latest report was that of a church appointing a man to the office of elder, having made NO effort to look into his background. This man had been put out of the last church he was…

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Christians Need to Get “Pity” Right and Stop Pitying the Wicked While Refusing Pity to the Innocent

A Cry For Justice

Your eye shall not pity him, but you shall purge the guilt of innocent blood from Israel, so that it may be well with you. (Deu 19:13)

They close their hearts to pity; with their mouths they speak arrogantly. (Psalm 17:10)

Let there be none to extend kindness to him, nor any to pity his fatherless children! (Psalm 109:12)

Therefore, as I live, declares the Lord GOD, surely, because you have defiled my sanctuary with all your detestable things and with all your abominations, therefore I will withdraw. My eye will not spare, and I will have no pity. (Eze 5:11)

Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, “I will; be clean.” (Mar 1:41)

If you have studied or experienced first hand the tactics of the abuser, you already know that one of his favorite ploys is to play the victim and…

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